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About Me

Having worked in professional media production for more than 18 years, I have always been involved in creative projects, often with a strong technical aspect involved. Having delivered videos and live webcasts all over the world, I often found myself photographing the ‘behind-the-scenes’ at these events; be it the crew or the participants themselves, I was always enthusiastic about capturing those key moments that later on make us smile or cringe when that photo triggers the memory .

I believe what offers me an edge is less so my technical skills, my array of lenses or my camera but my attitude towards photography, particularly event photography. A Performing Arts background means I am a pretty sociable person who loves interacting with people. I find this really helps, be it when getting a full brief from a client as to what they are after as well as on the day, when I must make the most of whatever I am there to photograph, be it a live music gig with thousands of people or a corporate press conference attended by only a couple of journalists.

I hope you like my portfolio on this website and I look forward to discussing your brief/idea with no commitment – just contact me!